with the ever changing healthcare industry to streamline and optimize your revenue.

Better Billing. Personal Service. Great Results.

What we bring to your practice:

Over 10 years in the Medical Billing Industry. Personalized & Customized service. Reduced errors and rejections. Reduced administrative costs. Increased cash flow. Faster payments

Over the last decade, the medical field has experienced drastic changes: from insurance carriers, coding, meaningful use, technology and so much more. The times of ‘simple billing’for medical services truly is a thing of the past.

At Peerless we focus on the strict coding requirements instituted by insurance carriers which is now required for reimbursement of services rendered. And when doing it right the first time doesn’t work, we’re right there calling on those claims to get you paid.  A whole new healthcare billing system was, and is, now required in order to financially sustain a successful medical practice.We’re here to aid in the continuation of your success and ensure your practice is prepared for the future. Peerless is ready for the changes, are you?

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