About Us

At Peerless Med Bill Solutions, we know firsthand the many difficult situations practices encounter while trying to obtain reimbursement for services. With more than 10 years’ experience serving multi-physician, multi-specialty offices across the country, we work as a direct extension of your office, and are just a phone call away. Coordinating with your staff to reach out to your patients and their insurance providers, we work diligently and efficiently to guarantee payment of outstanding claims.

Being well-versed in the complexities of health insurance, we understand the importance of proper coding and documentation, and are experts at navigating the healthcare system to ensure your claims are paid accurately, and on time. Our continuous training enables us to evolve with the ever-changing healthcare industry to streamline and optimize your revenue, and we can even help set your system up and train your staff for you. Our goal is simple: to eliminate the stress of billing so you can focus on providing care to those who need it.

As a shared-risk company, we only get paid for our billing services when we collect for you. And once you’ve experienced our industry expertise, exceptional service, and competitive pricing, you’ll understand why we call ourselves Peerless.

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